Who Are We?

Our small but active chapter includes members mainly from Benton and Washington counties. We have many fine medium- and small-sized pipe organs, with the four largest being:

  • Fayetteville: 54-rank Buzard at Central United Methodist Church (2018)
  • Rogers:  52-rank Temple at Central United Methodist Church (2007)
  • Fayetteville:  38-rank Temple at First United Presbyterian Church (1926, 1968, 2015)
  • Bella Vista:  30-rank Casavant/Temple at First United Methodist Church (1971, 2008)

In recent years we have enjoyed concerts presented by outstanding guest organists, including Mary Preston, Jan Kraybill, the Chenault Duo, John Obetz, Joel Martinson, Nathan Laube, Gail Archer, Faythe Freese, and Marilyn Keiser.

We are a congenial group, always ready to welcome newcomers.  When you are in our area, please contact us so we can get acquainted!


Our chapter approved a revision to our Chapter Bylaws (PDF) in order to conform with the template published by AGO National in 2012.


Employment opportunities will be listed in the chapter newsletter, to the extent we are notified of them.  We encourage job posters and job seekers to use the AGO job board found on the AGO National Web Site.


For national certification information please visit the AGO National Web Site.

We have a local education coordinator as well.


Our chapter was founded in 1980.  We are in the process of digitizing some of our archives to be made available online.

Executive Board and Coordinators for 2018-19 Program Year

  • Dean — Scott Montgomery
  • Sub-Dean — Jack Cleghorn
  • Treasurer — Robbie Hubbard
  • Secretary — Ernest Whitmore
  • Certification — Jan Wubbena
  • Historian — Karen Sasine