AGO National and Chapter Membership

If you work as an organist part- or full-time, AGO National and Chapter Membership are for you!  Both are billed together and include receiving The American Organist magazine, voting in national and chapter elections, eligibility to serve on the executive board, and discounts on certification, annual conventions, and the like.  The rate structure is rather complicated, so please choose carefully!

There are discounts for seniors and students, as well as for choosing to read the monthly magazine online instead of in print through the USPS.  You can also choose to become an associate member of additional chapters.  Whatever you choose, we welcome you!

AGO National and Chapter Membership Form (PDF)

Chapter Friend

You can support us as a Chapter Friend if AGO National and Chapter Membership are not for you.  We welcome you as part of the organist community at all of our public events!  Contributions of any amount are welcomed, though we suggest a minimum of $20 to help us fund our ambitious goals.

Chapter Friend Form (PDF)

Chapter Bylaws

We updated our chapter bylaws in 2017, which was the first update since our chapter’s founding in 1980!

Chapter Bylaws (PDF)